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Australia – dreamlike and wild, the homeland of one of the oldest cultures on the earth for over two centuries is intriguing the rest of world.


Meeting with the fantastic Australian animals, views of scenic coasts and boundless wildernesses, experiencing entertainment of lively Australian cities is a dream almost of everyone. We want to make your dreams come true and to take you with us for a memorable journey all over fascinating Australia…


Our offer ‘The Australian Adventure’ includes the must see places and attractions.
For those interested we additionally organize trips to unique places in Australia, for example Ayers Rock or the Great Barrier Reef.
Our offers are made so that everyone finds something for themselves.  We offer a wide range of activities and entertainment from going to the Australian Open tennis, golfing, winery tours, tasting Australian cuisine, learning to surf, theme parks and visiting unique Australian animals in their natural wilderness.


We can make your Australian Adventure just how you want it, tell us what you want to see and do, and we can make it all come true.


With us you will discover the real taste of Australia!